KMP - Wildland Progressive Hose Pack
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The KMP Wild Land Progressive Pack allows fire fighters to comfortably carry up to 300’ (depending on model) of individual bundles of 100’ single jacket 1" to 1¾" hose. Wild Land Progressive Pack™ (WP 2215) holds two bundles of 100’ single jacket 1" to 1¾" hose individually. The patented Wild Land Progressive Pack™ is made with tough, abrasion resistant Cordura® nylon fabric to protect the hose and color coded straps for easy assembly and quick loading. The Wild Land Progressive Packs™ are designed with a breathing apparatus style shoulder harness for an efficient transfer of weight to the hip-belt. Wild Land Progressive Packs™ can carry the hose in the double-donut, folded horseshoe, or the Cleveland-Gasner style load. The WP2215 can also be used with the whaling hose load. Packs come complete with padded shoulder pads and enclosed front and back corners to support nozzles and hardware. 

  • Item #: WP2215
  • Manufacturer: KMP FIRE PRODUCTS
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WP2215

KMP - Wildland Progressive Hose Pack

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